A clear, concise description of the responsibilities for each job is central to both employees and management. We interview the incumbents and draft the key elements of each position, should you prefer a consistent overall writing style. Alternatively, we assist your staff to compose their own job descriptions.

To ensure that jobs are paid fairly in relation to one another, we help you to ascertain the relative value of each job using a comprehensive evaluation system. We manage the entire process, using criteria that are important to your organization.
To determine the competitiveness of your compensation program, The Resource Corporation researches
pay levels for similar positions in other organizations. We also conduct customized salary surveys for
industry-specific positions that yield the most pertinent data for comparison.
Once each position is assessed both internally and externally, The Resource Corporation devises a compensation structure that reflects your corporate pay philosophy. Salary ranges are established to recognize an employee's skills, knowledge, experience and performance relative to other staff and similar positions in comparable organizations.
Well-designed incentive programs foster high motivation and outstanding productivity. Incentive programs can be applied to individual or group performance. The Resource Corporation develops customized programs for management, sales, manufacturing and corporate staff.